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BalikaAs the seasons changed in Delhi my mother’s wardrobe effortlessly transitioned from silks to chiffons and georgettes. I secretly aspired to imitate her style. While her collection of the saree is still enviable, I have managed to build a repertoire of my own. But this was not easy, as her staple destinations for seeking the most unique six yard was the craft and state emporiums which no longer exist in the same manner as they did in the 80’s and 90’s. Most of what is available easily did not reflect my personality. In my quest for the perfect saree, I sought to make my own discovery. I became a regular at the exhibition circle in Delhi. After years of perusing the exhibitions and nature bazaars like Dastkar, Aga Khan Hall, meeting vendors and craftsmen, I started to understand the technical and other factors involved in the making of each saree, eg. The types of looms used, process and places to procure raw materials etc. I started making friends with the many familiar faces on the other side of the table who were regulars at such events. Till one day, a particular artisan offered to give me few pieces (of a particular kind of saree of course!) free of charge for potential buyers during my upcoming trip to the USA. And that was the inception and the idea behind BaliKa! Starting from designing bespoke and special pieces for family members for weddings and festive wear it has now taken a shape of a modest entrepreneurial venture in its own right. A full time career in the legal academia affords me the luxury of exhibiting my saree collection daily.



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